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Sealcoating is one of the most widely utilized pavement preservation tactics to extend the life of asphalt pavement.  As soon as new asphalt is placed, the oils that hold the pavement together begin to oxidize (deteriorate) due to sunlight.  After several months, that fresh new black asphalt you have grown accustomed to will begin fading to a dull gray.  The discoloration you are experiencing is oxidation.  This condition will lead to raveling of surface aggregates in the asphalt, surface cracking and poor overall appearance. 

The cost of sealcoating is extremely affordable way to enhance the appearance of a property as well as preserve the asphalt pavement.

A topical treatment, pavement sealer is brought to your site in a bulk liquid form, and manually spread by squeegees and brooms or sprayed through a pressurized wand.

Quality sealcoating depends on quality preparation, including cleaning all dust, dirt and debris from the pavement, repairing spalled asphalt and potholes prior to sealing, and treating oil stains in parking lot to ensure that sealant properly adheres.

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