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Parking Lot Grading

Proper surface drainage of your roadway, driveway and parking lot is key to ensuring both a long lifespan for your parking lot and mitigating potholes, ponding, and trip hazards for employees and pedestrians walking through your lot.  Our team takes pride in helping clients improve the drainage of their parking surfaces.

Storm Drain Inlets

Storm sewer inlets are collection areas for surface drainage in parking lots and yard spaces. Our crews are experienced with installing several types of inlets, including both HDPE and precast concrete. We can assist you with replacement structures or provide you with a recommendation for which type is best for your new project.

Sub-surface Drainage (Underdrains)

Have you ever experienced a wet spot in your parking lot that just won't go away?  Almost like water that is boiling out of the pavement?  Underground aquifers are more common than you think and can pop up under any parking lot.  Our team is experienced with sub-surface drainage solutions to alleviate these issues.  Our process includes excavation to a minimum depth of 12-inches below base stone, lining the trench with a filter fabric to keep the soil from clogging the pipe, installing 4-inch perforated PVC pipe which ties into existing storm sewer, and backfilling the fabric lined excavation with clean stone.

Trench Drains

Trench drains serve the same purpose of area inlets, but have the ability to collect a greater amount of water in a shorter period of time.  Not only do trench drains handle a large influx of water, but they also work great in areas with poor surface drainage, across drive lanes and in front of doors and walk ways.  Both reinforced concrete and HDPE trench drains with grated tops can be utilized in commercial parking lots depending on traffic usage.

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